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What do you think, if you read the above title? Is it unequivocal to everyone, that this is about saving abandoned vizslas, not protecting endangered species? Why do we have to save Vizslas at all? Where would they been taken, and by whom?

Do you have the same question after reading the title or just want to get some information?

We’d like to introduce the work and purpose of Hungarian Vizsla Breed Rescue Team

  • What does “breed rescue” means and why is it necessary?

The breed rescue main task is to save abandoned, lost ones of the given breed, take them to safe place, help them, get medical treatment and find new home for them, monitoring and keep up-to-date list of lost and find dogs. Mostly the human irresponsibility is the cause of our work. A vizsla baby is one of the cutest puppies, therefore they are so popular. But a puppy become an adult very soon, and it may cause problem or trouble to the family whe

n the owner had not taken in consideration the real personality of vizsla before his decision of choosing a breed

If a vizsla doesn’t get enough possibility of exercising body and mind as well, he gets bored and finds the way to exercise himself: starts to ruin. Even the cutest vizsla baby is a DOG that needs control and MUST NOT be the boss of the pack – if so he tries to take the control that will lead to severe problem, by any chance to danger ... So the dog soon has to leave the family (or will be taken to the vet for the final shot ... )

Also illness is common reason for giving away a dog, because the owner is not able or willing to pay for the costly medical treatment.

These dogs find themselves in shelters, dog pounds or even worse in the streets.

Naturally there are cases, when the changed circumstances force the owners to find new home for the beloved dog for his sake.

  • Who works as a breed rescue team for Hungarian Vizslas?
    The Hungarian Vizsla Breed Rescue Team is a workgroup of “Futrinka utca” Dogrescue Association, Budapest. The members of the team are vizsla loving persons, who work voluntarily in their spare time beside their jobs and families.
  • Dogs can be taken to the program from other shelters, dog pounds, owners, or from the streets

  • How many vizsla is need to be rescued, and where they could be placed?
    Vizsla is a very popular breed, unfortunately puppy-mills know that, and produce plenty of vizsla-babies without papers, health check and proper care, and sell them in very low price. 100-120 vizslas per year get in our association’s care. Our association unfortunately does not have own shelter so far the rescued dogs are placed in hired kennels. As the number of abandoned dogs is above our capacity vizslas in need can get in only after a long waiting time.
    Even when we do not have enough free place, we try to help: we keep in contact with the owner asking patience, in urgent cases we try to find temporary homes or ask for help from other dog rescue associations. Till we found place, we can advertise them in our website as transmitted dogs.

  • What kind of treatment do our dogs get?
    All our rescued dogs start the new life at our VET where after a general health check, they are vaccinated, get deworming treatment, passport and microchip, and any necessary medical treatment. Our dogs will be neutered before moving to new owners, to prevent several serious illness and not-planned litters. In the hired kennels, we provide them continuous supply including regular walks 2-3 times a day, play, exercise, clean kennels, fresh water, food, medicals if needed.
  • Can they find new owners, how they can fit in?
    After accepting our terms and condition, and signing the Adoption Contract, the new owner and the chosen dog can start their new common life. Previously, we talk to the applier by phone and in live, we go and check their place. Unfortunately there are more abandoned, thrown out dogs in Hungary, than good, responsible owner. That’s why a few of our rescued vizslas are rehomed abroad, through our German partner organisation Vizsla-in-Not eV. Their terms and conditions are even more strict then ours. They control families in many step. The proof is a lot of picture of the happy rehomed dogs we receive regularly.
  • What do the breed rescue group need and how can you help to them?
    As a non-profit association, we can cover the costs of the dogs non but by donations that is always fewer than our charges and the number of vizslas in need. We dearly thank any financial help, regular or one-time, small or bigger.
    If you want to assist our work, in your transfer please note: VIZSLA
  • Banking details:
    Futrinka utca Kutyavédő és Kutyás Szabadidősport Egyesület
    K& H Bank
    IBAN: HU94 1040 4089 4957 5251 5756 1000

    As we always suffer form lack of place, we need to find temporary homes. For the details please contact us: One of our “step-mother” write a blog (only in hungarian):

    All people, who pay taxes in Hungary, can offer 1% of it to our Association. Please think of us.

    Our association made a memorandum-book,
    popularizing the vizsla breed rescue, which we gave as a gift in return of at least 1.500 Ft donation if requesting. For the details of receiving gift or more information about how you can help, please visit our websites: or .

If you have any further question about our work, please contact us: or any other e-mail or phone, given in our websites.

Thank you!