Before 1950

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1 Marcsa 1920 (?)
1 Ch. Dóra (MVT 21) 1920 (?)
1 Ch. Ripp II (MVT 70) 1920 (?)
1 Witti -1920 körül: one of the first vizslas who got pedigree
1 Végvári Betyár IV. 1925 - He is the winner of the shows 1926-1927 and the National Hunting Competition with I/a prize. Breeder: Károly Bába
1 A family of the kennel Végvári, around 1928. There were a lots of white marks on the dogs yet.
1 "Kardosréti": a very tipical 8 months old bitch from the kennel of Dr. Mesterházy Nagy László general & landowner. She wouldn't  bring discredit up for her breeder neither today!
1 Kolossy Gábor: Betyár, he was the "leading man" of the book Hungarian Vizsla (published about 1940)