I think our dogs live wonderful life.

Yeah, it would be even better as I can spent relatively few time with them, and we have the usual problem of the large families: each 'child' would get more personalized attention living as the 'single' dog of a family.

In return they don't really know what means 'boredom'. All day they can play freely with the other pack-members in their separated part of the garden, or lazily slumber in the kennel's warm (or cool – depending of the weather) corner. Their over-all preferred staying place is the small stand in the centre of the garden where they always can keep an eye on the happenings of the vicinity.

However in the evening the whole pack move to the house! Meanwhile it lays a burden on the family (house cleaning, wow!) but I feel overall important spending the night together as an overall utterance of relatedness.

Of course we groom, feed, make move them altogether as a pack, but each of them has its 'special' personalized master, for training and hunting. Except show-training as I do it with all of them.

The puppies of course cannot move freely in the whole garden as it would be dangerous for them. Meanwhile there are lots of toys and obstacles designed for mental and motion stimulation always properly to their actual age. Finally it is like a mini agility equipment. I think it above all important as the puppies leaving their native home are forced to be isolated from outwards to avoid infections up to 3 months age – meanwhile this life period has overall importance in their development. So, I try to provide them as much experience as it is possible during their first life period.

Thanks God we have large 'two legged' family as well, so there are plenty staff for socialization.

Ch.BiH Hookside Ekko from Pitypang (Aka Banya)


MET MV 4983/H/07 DoB: 18th May, 2006 - pedigree
(Csipkéskúti Táltos – Hookside Banya)
Results: Ch.BIH, 3*CAC, CACIB, Basic hunting test – excellent, Field-water test – 2nd price
Hip score: FDB -2MV125M25 (HD-B).
Her mother is Pitypang Entri's offspring. Her father Csipkéskúti Táltos had proven his excellence not only in the show-ring earning several Ch titles but in the field of practical hunting as well.
She was born in England and originally we intent to call her Zselyke, but right after her arrival we had to change our mind... no doubt she is a real "witch" as her Hungarian name "Banya" shows. She is infinitely provider to the pack mates; even the smallest tick cannot stay hidden in their fur so she picks it out.
For size she is on the lower part of the standard, bit light in bones, but with excellent conformation and lean tight topline.
In the field she is fast, passionate hunter with excellent style. Thought she was trained for regular hunting not for competitions, but passed the Field - Water test easily. Despite size she is abrasive, even sharp with wounded fox as well.
Sired by Luppa Vadász Ludas (2011) – Pitypang CS litter

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MV 3353/05, DoB: 21 March, 2005  -  pedigree
(HVCh. Pusziszóró Simon – Pitypang Csitri)
Results : TSZ, Basic Hunting Test, Field-Water test-1st prize
HD scoring: 'excellent' 2MV-111N24
She is like her mother Csitri regarding the outward apperance, and the character also. She inherited the mother's elegance and sound structure and type. Her character is – like Csitri's – somehow aristocratic, stands off the other dogs a little bit. She isn't pussy at all with the beloved humans, just stars you and begs so for attention. She isn't as tough-oriented as the average vizsla.
Her real element is the FIELD, loves running and her gallop is fast and wonderful with level topline, high head, tireless. She is mad for hunting!
Speaking about her bloodline she is lightly linebred to Matai Csutka, the most famous vizsla of the eighties.
Sired by Pitypang Öcskös Carlos in 2008 (Pitypang "T" litter)
Tipli lives in England, in the Adacci kennel.
Trikó completed the field-water test getting very good scores and prize.
Sired by Csővárberki Újonc Dalton (2010) – Pitypang Bukta, the one and only baby of the litter.

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MV 3078/05, DoB: 05.12.2004  -  pedigree
(SkCh. Amys Splneny sen - Pitypang Berta)
Results: 4xCAC, R.CAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB, BiHCH, CGCH Hunting licence, Field-Water test
HD scoring: 'fair' FDB 2MV-108E24
Regarding the character, she is the spitting image of her mother, Berta! Cute and clever with a huge amount of selfconfidence, perceptive but having strong idea how the world should work. Her gestures and expressions are the same like Berta's. Now I recognized my fault choosing her name, as 'nomen est omen'. Pimasz is really pimasz (saucy, cheeky in Hungarian)
Also her outward look is very similar to her, just a little bit better riar angulation, but the fang should be somewhat wider.
Her job is to be the successor of Berta in the hunting fields alongside her Master, Peter.
She is very keen on the field work however she send her nose forward, and when there isn't any game, why to run?, she thinks, so it's high time to have some rest in a seemingly hidden place …
However she is highly chargeable and has good retrieving instinct.
Sired by Csipkéskúti Parittya Vigéc - Pitypang "U" litter
Sired by
Bédai Valley Hunter Bugac (2009) - Pitypang ZS litter:
Zsella "Zsazsa" lives in Finland at the Bájos Lélek kennel and proudly holds the titles of /Finnish Junior Winner '09 and Nordic Jun.Winner '09.
Sired by HGCh, HSCh, CIB, EUCh. Veteran EUCh, Amsterdam-winner Csipkéskúti Táltos (2011) – Pitypang “D” litter

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(being her friend just call: "Dorka") MV 2464/04 DoB: 27.05.2004  -  pedigree
(Gyorújfalvi Gyaur - Pitypang Berta)
Results: 3xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB, BOG
HD scoring: 'good' FDB 2MV-101M24
She was almost 3 years old when I bought her back because she didn't match to her master. The original owner told me he couldn't work with her properly.
I really wondered what was the problem with her.
Within say a day or two I was in tune with her however she stood aloof from each man for a while.
She is perceptive and delicate, inquisitive, she is always 'here and there' just for case. Just VIZSLA. In work, she must be the first, she is mad for running, hunting, really birdy and also loves to retrieve. However, when hunting in a walk-up beating I have to improve her steadyness still, she definitely had some bad experience regarding the gun in the hands of a hunter.
I really regret that I haven't worked with her since childhood!
Due to the look she is very much like Berta, the mother. For me the ideal vizsla-head and face is her's. Also her body structure and angulations are excellent.
Sired by
HJCH. Csipkéskúti Rabló (2008) - Pitypang "V" llitter:
Virtigli - Finnish Jun.Winner '09
Vértes - Hungária Junior Champion
Sired by HGCH. Csővárberki Csúzli (d.o.b 2009-11-25) - Pitypang "A" litter
Sired by Bédai Tangó (2010) – Pitypang „C” litter

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(Pitypang Kóbor - Pitypang Csitri)  -  pedigree
DoB: 2003.06.16.
Results : breeding license with Basic Hunting Test-excellent, Practical Hunting Licence
HD: excellent, FDB 2MV - 110N45
Nana, the 'perpetum mobile'
Nana, the best chum.
Nana, with mischance.
First, I didn't plan to keep her, but realizing her temperament I couldn't find a proper home for her as she isn't easy to keep! She is 'too much', always 'too much'.
Longing for attention – and, when not? – she vehemently pulls herself to my lap. If accidentally I rap out to her she looks so painfully as she would be just almost killed.
She needs extra amount of daily excersice, meanwhile, when hunting she is tireless, she is mad for the game! However the knee was injured, it was operated twice because of rupture of tendom – that's the reason she has no show results at all.
Litters :
Sired by HJCh. Csipkéskúti Rabló Bütyök (website) in 2007:
Pitypang 'S' litter, Sitke, Suhanc, Sipirc, Selma (at Alfa Pongo vizslas)
Click here to see the gallery of the puppies

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DB: 18/04/2001  -  pedigree
Working test: Basic hunting test: excellent.
HD scoring result:'fair' FDB 1MV-62E24.

After having an accident where his pastern severly injured he went to our frienrd's home as a family pet.

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DB: 18/04/2001  -  pedigree
Working test in Hungary: Basic Hunting test: excellent.
HD scoring result: excellent: OFA VZ-9052E45F-PI.
Went to Canada for breeding to Ms. Irene Balla (Ontario).

   by Triad's Dry Martini: 2004 Pitypang Öcskös, Pitypang Örzse

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Male MET MV 8457/00  -  pedigree
DB: 11/12/1999
Show results: CAC, CACIB,
Hunting test: basic hunting test: completed excellently.
Hip scoring: being the Norberg-angle at left side fewer than 100 grade he is not registered by the FDB.

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Female MET MV 5590/97  -  pedigree
DB: 30/03/1997
Show results: Hungarian Champion, 4x CAC, BOB, Best junior, CACIB.
Hunting tests and competitions: Ability test: 1st prize, Field and water test: 2nd prize, CACIT 'Hortobágy Kupa': 2nd prize; Field trial: 2xCQN, 'very good'.
Hip scoring: FDB 2MV-26N32 (excellent), eye-examination result: negative

   by Zámi Bütyök: (2001.)
   by Luppa Vadász Fickó: 2002. Pitypang Mágia, Pitypang Mágnás
   by Pitypang Kóbor: 2003.06.16. Pitypang Norma, Pitypang Nemes Héra, Pitypang Nótás,
Pitypang Nana
   by Pusziszóró Simon: (2005) Pitypang Rigli, Pitypang Rozsnyó, Pitypang Réde, Pitypang Rozsda

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Female MET MV 5537/97  -  pedigree
DB: 13/03/1997
Show results: CAC, Res.CAC,
Hunting tests and competitions: Ability test: 1st prize, Field-water test: 2nd prize.
Hip scoring: FDB: 2MV27E32 (fair)
   by Pitypang Bankó
   by Bob zo Stredy

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MET MV 4929/96  -  pedigree
DoB: 1996.07.11.
Show results : HPJ, 7x CAC, BOB, 2x CACIB, Junior Klubwinner, World Dog Show - 2003, Dortmund: Res.CACIB
Working results : Field trials -excellent, Res.CACT, very good, CQN

Field-Water 'HPR' competitions : 1st prize with 270 points,
CACIT Hortobágy Cup - 1st prize
HD scoring: FDB 2MV-15M31 (good), eye-test: negatív
sired by Vadóca Király (2001): Pitypang Kóbor , Pitypang Kósza , Pitypang Kincso.
by Gyorújfalvi Gyaúr (2004):
Pitypang Oportó 1 2 , (D)Orka
by Amys Splneny sen (2004): Pitypang Pocok , Pitypang Pimasz

Her master is Peter and actually lives at Szeged with him. Living at Dunaharaszti she was the alpha-female of the pack for long years. She has strong character, selfconfident, cute and clever, touch-oriented. She is always 'there' everywhere. Being handled by Peter she had lot of trouble teaching him to became a good handler. (I think she made a good job!) In huntings she works hardly even at age of ten, however, during training and competitions she prefered to use her brain and nose, not just to follow the 'big boss's orders…

Now, being eleven she has a new job as helps Peter at his university-work in the nature-preservation studies, in the European pont turtle project … she searches for turtle nests.

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Female MET MV 4090/95  -  pedigree
DB: 02/12/1995 (Died in cancer in 2000)
Hip scoring: FDB 2MV-12E29
Show results: Best Junior (HPJ),
Hunting tests and competitions: Field trial: CACT, Res. CACT, CQN, Field and water test: lst prize European Field Trial team Champion, Res. Field Trial European Champion: individual.

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Female MET MV 7114/92  -  pedigree
DB: 1992.
Results in Hungary: Best Junior, CAC
Ability test: 1st prize
Hunting test: completed
In Hungary:
   bred by Pitypang Vackor: Pitypang Orbán (Switzerland),
Imported pregnantly to the UK / Hookside kennel:
   by Vadászfai Zsellér: Hookside Sor, Grandson: Hookside Csaba

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(Nádkajtató Cakk - Helvécia Dóra)

MET MV 4155/90  -  pedigree
DB: 10/02/1990 (Died in 2001)
Hip scoring: one side is free, the other side could not be avaluated because it had a severe injury (broken pelvis + sacrum) at 8 m. age.
Starting as a hopeful hunting dog and then having a severe accident at age of 8 months he turned to be a beloved family pet and playful 'clown' of the children only. He was put down at ten because as a result of the previous accident his arthritis had become painful.

   by Pitypang Entri: Pitypang Orbán (Switzerland),
   by Hookside Braid: Pitypang Csitri.

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Male MET MV 2976  -  pedigree
01/05/1989-Mar. 2003.
He died at age of 14, in consequence of a heart-attack.
Show results: Hungarian Grand Champion, Derby-winner, 6xCAC, CACIB, R.CACIB, BOB,
Hunting tests: Field and water test: 1st prize.
Hip scoring result: 'B'

Famous anscensors :
   Children: Pitypang Gyöngéd Luca, Pitypang Entri, Pitypang Center (Czech Republic), Árvaváraljai Gézengúz (USA),
   Grandchildren: Lucanapi Kincső, Luppa Vadász Fickó, HGCh. Pitypang Berta, Pitypang Zala

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Female MET MV 2980/89  -  pedigree
Show results: Hungarian Champion, International Champion, Best Junior, 5xCAC, 3xCACIB, 2xBOB, Klubwinner,
Hunting tests and competitions: Euro-Derby: 1st prize, All-round 'HPR' competition: 1st prize, R.CACT, HPR Hungarian Vizsla Specialty: 3rd prize.
Hip scoring: 'A' (excellent)

Famous puppies:
   by Pitypang Gyimes: HGCh. Pitypang Berta, Pitypang Zala
   by Pitypang Szilaj: Pitypang Cidri "Lucskos".

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(Vadászfai Kozák - Hubertus Dáma)

MET MV 2549/88  -  pedigree
DB: 1988.
Results: CAC, Hunting test: completed
Hip scoring result: 'B'

   Bred by Pitypang Tallér: Pitypang Entri.

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Female MET MV 3072/H/95  -  pedigree
DB: 21/04/1987 (died in 2000)
Hip scoring: 10 point (BVA/UK)

Famous puppies born in Hungary:
   by Hookside F.Tamás: HGCh. Pitypang Szita,
   by Pitypang Vackor: HCh. Pitypang Csitri.
Granddaughter (Pitypang Szita - Valley Hunter Yankee at Bedai): Boogie-Woogie of Szedresi

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Female MET MV 14257  -  pedigree
DB: 21/02/1986 (died in 2000)
Show results: Hungarian Grand Champion, International Champion, Worldwinner, Best Junior, 5xCACIB, 4xBOB, BOG, Res.BIS,
Hunting tests and competitions: Field and water competition: 1st prize, res.CACT, All-round (HPR) competition: 3rd prize, HPR Hungarian Vizsla Specialty: 1st prize, Res.CACIT.
Hip scoring: 'A' (excellent)

Famous puppies:
   by Vadászfai Merész: - ICh. HCh. Pitypang Trézsi, BkHCh. Pitypang Tallér, HCh. JWCh. Pitypang Trilla,
   by Nádkajtató Cakk: Pitypang Vackor, Pitypang Vanda,
   by Magor Báró: Pitypang Kolos, Pitypang Kapos,
   by Csatárkai Kanász: Pitypang Tomi (USA), Pitypang Tóbiás (Sweden).

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