Litter „H”, here we are!

Panka aka Pitypang Trikó, daughter of Ch. Pitypang Rigli being a practical hunting Vizsla wasn’t really impressed by the world of dog shows. So after getting a CAC title we neglected it.

The sire is MAGOR SÁMÁN who earned such prizes of value as HJCH. HCH. LuxCH, CACIB, etc meanwhile when choosing him my main goal was his sweet character and excellent hunting abilities and principally the fact, that I had the honour to judge some of his offsprings with outstanding work. Hopefully the grandfather, Betli aka Luppa Vadász Fickó’s fabulous nose may appear in the grandkids. This hope is asserted by such great-grandparents, like Pitypang Gyöngéd Luca, Magor Báró and Triad’s Dry Martini from the USA who were outstanding Vizslas of their era.

Litter H was born on 14-12-2013

The pedigree of the litter >>




New puppies has arrived!

Ch. Hookside Ekko from Pitypang aka Banya has whelped a litter of 10 puppies (6 males and 4 females) on 2012-06-20. This is the Pitypang E litter.

Banya is excellent hunter, full of energy, temperament and desire to find game. She restlessly seeks for the shot games, fur and feather both. Meanwhile being at home she is quiet, calm and never intrusive.. She is medium sized with light bones - maybe that’s the secret of her infinitive energy - perfect rear and fore angulations, well-developed fore chest.

Her puppies of litter "CS" fulfilled our best hopes: meanwhile being excellent hunters they are ideal family members that are easy to live with: clever, watchful, sweet - so real VIZSLA! Hopefully the new puppies will do so.

The sire is from the Pitypang line, Pitypang RUBIN (litterbrother of Rigli.) Rubin is just a family-pet and hunter - but I know him!

Of course both parents are hip scored, Rubin is "excellent" (HD A) and Banya is "good" (HD B).


Here is the pedigree of the litter >>

(COI is as low as  4,2% or 8 generations!)

Here you can watch the babies >>


Pimasz’s litter has arrived on 2011-07-03.
They are 7, 5 girls and 2 boys.

Here you can follow up their development.

More information on the litter >>


The Banya-puppies are one month old now so they are venturing to explore the outside world.

More information on the litter >>


The (Banya) tch-
 babies: here we are!

Ch. Hookside Ekko from Pitypang aka Banya has whelped a litter of 6 puppies (1 girl only!) on 2011-06-07. This is the Pitypang CS litter. Banya is excellent hunter, full of energy, temperament and desire to find game. She restlessly seeks for the shot games, fur and feather both. Meanwhile being at home she is quiet, calm and never intrusive. Hopefully her puppies will inherit her mind. She is medium sized with light bones -
 maybe that’s the secret of her infinitive energy -
 perfect rear and fore angulations, well-developed forechest.

The sire is from the Luppa Vadász kennel. Ludas is son of ICh. HGCh. EuFT-Ch. Luppa Vadász Fickó Betli - winner of many field trials, hunting competitions e.g. European Cup-2004. This pairing is a light line-breeding to Pitypang Gyöngéd Luca, a world-famous working & showing vizsla of the years of 1990. He and his son Ludas have very typical vizsla-head and kind face, expression.

Pedigree of the puppies >>


The puppies

Some pictures of the puppies >> 

We are expecting puppies with super angulations and structure, elegance, nice head, typical vizsla face with dark brawn eyes. All of the parents, grandparents were Xrayed and got good HD results.


Also Pitypang Pimasz is expecting!   Litter is due to the beginning of July.

Pimasz portré



The puppies of Pimasz’s earlier litter have proven expectations in the field of hunting and showing as well so she was mated again. This time the sire is HGCh. ICh. EuCh. EuVet.Ch. Amsterdam-Winner Csipkéskúti Táltos, who also hunted actively some years ago. Being ten year-old he is fit and healthy - he might deny some years... Táltos’s pictures you can find in the gallery and here is the pedigree of the litter.

In this litter we expect puppies in the stronger / bigger size of the standard with elegant long neck, good structure and kind face, reminiscent of the original Hungarian Vizsla figure.
Both parents have excellent hunting abilities so hopefully the puppies will become excellent working / showing dogs as well.
In the field of breeding their special value and treasure is to descend from the very traditional Hungarian lines that have proven their excellence and versatility for long generations.


New Dorka-litter was born on 2011-01-24!
They are the Pitypang "C" litter. Unfortunately caesarean was necessary because of an immatured puppy so now they are 3 girls and 3 boys only.

The puppies

Bédai Tangó

This time Dora was again sired by a male of foreign line named Bédai Tangó. I judged him during a field-water test and I was deeply impressed by his inborn abilities and enthusiasm of hunting and his excellent conformation too. So I decided to try him in breeding despite his young age. Dorka had already proven as brood bitch so she was the intended bride.

Tango of course passed all the necessary exams and tests that are needed by a stud. His HD score is excellent, too.

Here is the pedigree of the litter. (COI:  0 % calculated for 5 generations and 3,8% for 8 generations.)

And here are some pictures!


For sale: Pitypang Akó

(Csővárberki Csúzli - Pitypang Orka)

He is one-year-old, passed
the official exam for hunting
dogs with excellent result.

Here is his photo-gallery.


We are expecting two very interesting litters for this Summer!

First our "Banya" Hookside Ekko from Pitypang was sired by Slo Ch. Pitypang Mágnás.



Mágnás's father is Luppa Vadász Fickó Betli, the fabulous trialer, winner of Field Trial European Cup and some All-Round Competitions as well. (Betli's mother is the world famous Pitypang Gyöngéd Luca!). Magnas lives in Slovenia as a family pet and a hunting dog. He is very gentle, kind, easy-to-train dog. He is in the smaller part of the standard meanwhile he is "bony", has sufficient substance and handsome masculine head and dark eyes. Being 8-y-o he is fit and healthy. When he was youngster I was shocked by his fantastic "long" nose, style and dramatic pointing.

Here is the pedigree of the litter.

Banya's hip result is "B" (FDB 2MV-125M25) and Magnas's is HD A.

The COI (5 generations) - 1,1% and COI (10 gen) 4,2%. This combination goes back to Pitypang Gyöngéd Luca!

Banya is expecting for the beginning of June, 2010.

Short two weeks later our Pitypang Rigli was sired by a young male, Csővárberki Újonc Dalton, son of Csővárberki Csúzli.



I judged Dalton at junior field trial and I dare to say he is a great credit in the field trials meanwhile he completed the field-water test with excellent result as well. So I decided to give him a chance in my breeding programme letting him sire Rigli.

His hip is scored "A" and so is Rigli's result. (FDB 2MV-111N24)

Here is the pedigree of the litter.

The COI for 5 generation is  0,4 % and for 10 generations COI: 5,4%.

This combination goes back to such world famous ancient vizslas like Hubertus Sába (blood% 11,3) Mátai Vigéc Fickó (9,8%) Mátai Vöcsök (9,8%) Vadászfai Kozák (9%) and Mátai Aszú, Mátai Cseles and Mátai Csutka (abt.8%) from the years of 1970-90.

All of them were excellent in hunting and show-ring as well!

Rigli is expecting for the mid of June, 2010.

Dorka's puppies are 2 months old now so some of them moved to
their new family.

A very promising male puppy is still available!
He has excellent temperament and very nice comformation, eagerly retrieves anything (e.g. pheasant-wing or roe-deer's foot.).

We have also a male puppy for sale who has a small white mark on the chest, so he suits to be a family pet and / or a beloved hunting companion!

Dorka's litter was born on 2009-11-25, they are ten!

This is the new Pitypang "A" litter.

The whole gang is healthy and develops fast. Being 5 weeks old they have settled in the doggie-room, as you see in the pictures:

Here are some more pictures in their gallery where you can follow their development.


Again: Dorka-Orka expecting babies!

Dorka Csúzli Csúzli

I have got really good feed-back of Dorka's babies - especially their personality, working - hunting ability is said to be exceptional. Vidor and Vértes passed with excellence the Basic Hunting Test under age limit, and Vértes got BOB from Junior class at CACIB show!

So I decided to mate Dorka again.

Now the sire was HGCH Csővárberki Csúzli the most successful male of the recent years regarding working. He is multiple Field Trial European Champion (team and individual) CACIT on Field-Water competition, 3rd placed on All-Round Vizsla Main Competition. Meanwhile he has very nice character, I know him very well as we spent together a week in Belgium - he is a real Vizsla!

Being now 10 y-o he is fit he was even successful at a veteran field trial this year! For his appearance he is short, tight male with excellent angulations but somewhat light in bones, but Dorka is a strong female with enough substance and she has exceptionally stylish, beautiful head and expression.

The COI for 5 generations is 0 %, COI counted for 10 generations is 7 %, the first common ancestors are Mátai Darázs (S 4, 5 D 6, 8) and Verőcei Aga.(S3 D7)

Expected time of whelping: 2009-11-25, here you can see the litter's pedigree.


For Sale!


20 m-o Male vizsla seeks new home.

He is enthusiastic hunter, excellent retrieving and pointing ability, with some hunting practice,
but needs some obedience training yet. Good with children and other dogs.


And again: Pimasz's puppies were born! 

Pimasz's puppies - the Pitypang ZS - litter - were born on 30th of January, 2009. The sire is Bedai Valleyhunter's Bugac whose excellence is proven by a few of  his offsprings - e.g the P and T litters of the Visnyei Vadasz kennel. The Valleyhunter line is from America and it's bred to be excellent hunter and they are HD free from long generations. Bugac being 10 y-o hunts on weekly basis and is still very fit.

Some puppies from Pimasz's first litter already showed up their potentials to develop worthy of  their ancestors' excellence such as Berta, Amys, Trézsi, Zsuzsó

Expectedly the ZS litter will possesses similar potential.

I suppose they will be clever, easy-to-train vizslas with excellent hunting ability, that are promising  also in the show ring, having modern conformation and special head and expression of Berta. 

The development of the puppies can be followed-up in their gallery and here is their pedigree.

The real "

Ürmös Pimasz's youngster son regarded himself  as sire - and he was right! However just at the beginning of Sasa's season I had taken it easy and had left them together - on 13th of December a litter of 5 puppies was born!

In a rush we took the HD preliminary scoring of Ürmös and thanks God it's okay. He is Tamas's beginner hunting dog and he has excellent hunting ability, good nose and retrieving instinct. The obedience, well, will come later…

He started his showing career at the European show and earned the precious 2nd place in the puppy class.

Sitke-Shasha has nice show results being champion.

Taking a look on the pedigree of the puppies I realized it wasn't bad idea at all: it is a light line-breeding to Csipkéskúti Rabló Bütyök - whom father Zámi Bütyök produced some exceptional working vizsla and mother, Vadászfai Zsuzsó was her time's top show-star.

So the puppies of the Z-litter have good chance to growing up excellent vizslas!

You can follow up their development in the gallery.

Ürmös Ürmös The puppies

Dorka's puppies are coming on well. Now I'm testing their hunting abilities. They are running high for the game fighting hard battles for the hare's foot. And, what makes me happy: they show intentional use of smell when searching for the hidden "game".

Vértes Vértes

Dorka's puppies are growing up fast, for their 5-weeks-age they earned the "
V-litter, the Vandals"

Their gallery is broadening. And HERE is some short video!

Show results

Meanwhile we aren't very keen on showing - our vizslas being hard workers seem to be really bored there - we do our best in this season as well!

Suhanc, the young male earned his first CAC and BOB title moreover some Junior trophy.


His littermate, Sitke-Shasha can flaunt with the title of CG-Champion beside a Slovenian Best Junior title.


The third int he party was the proud Pimasz who earned the CG-Champion trophy as well!


New Vizsla puppies were born

Dorka's puppies have arrived!

In the night of 18th October, seven puppies were born: four males and three females.
They are the Pitypang "V" litter.

You can follow up the puppies' growth in the gallery

There will be included individual gallery of each puppy from the age of four weeks.

The sire is HJCH. Csipkéskúti Rabló Bütyök. Hip score: FDB "M" ('good')

He was the father of the Pitypang "S" litter by Pitypang Nana. Due to the actual news, the
offsprings all are excellent hunters and some of them also has showing results as well.

Here you can find some pictures of the father

Unfortunately Rabló had a severe car accident that  broke down his showing and working career meanwhile he had completed the field-water test excellently. Nowadays he is fit again and lives the happy life of a family-dog. He is a handsome, elegant male, Dorka and Rablo together are a very nice couple. Both of them are very elegant typish Vizslas with style! I guess Dorka's outstanding beautiful head and sweet face will appear at the puppies meanwhile Rablo's expressed angulations will give a more modern look of the puppies pushing Dorka's typish vizsla-like moderated angulations to the more expressive show-like conformation.

Each grandparents - from both side - had proven their excellence in the show and hunting fields as well. Vadászfai Zsuzsó, Zámi Bütyök, Pitypang Berta: they all are famous, outstanding specimen of Vizslas of their times.

And, Zsuzsó and Berta are healthy yet in their age of thirteen!


Puppies of Pimasz were born on 4th of February!

Pimasz managed it very well and quickly. Finally they are ten: 5 males and 5 females.

Here is the pedigree of the litter.

2008-01-12/13, Ljubljana, Slovenia: 2 x CACIB show:

Pitypang Suhanc and Sitke stepped to the show ring first - both got 'Slovennian Junior Winner' titles! And, sire of Pimasz, Csipkéskúti Parittya Vigéc got CACIB, BOB and BOG-3. titles!

Piypang Suhanc and Csipkéskúti Parittya Vigéc

BiH Ch. Pitypang Pimasz is pregnant!

The puppies are due about 10th February. The sire is BiH Ch. Csipkéskúti Parittya Vigéc. .

Babies born!

Rigli's litter was born on 26th of November. They are eight females and two males. All of them are healthy.


We expect puppies for the end of November!

The mother is Rigli and the sire is Pitypang Öcskös Carlos, who fulfilled the requirements of the Hungarian Champion and the International Champion of Beuthy titles. (Congratulations to the owner, the Vandabanda kennel )
The parents, grandparents, great-grandparents all have good HD-scoring results, and all of them were good hunting dogs.
In this litter such important - but never overused! - Hungarian, American and British vizsla bloodlines are interwoven that have been selected for hunting abilities among the excellent look and temperament.
I hope Rigli's noble, feminine head and dark eyes will well balance Carlos's little bit too strong, masculine head. Both of them have excellent construction, balance, super topline with noble long neck.
Carlos and Rigli are easy-to-keep vizslas, kind with children, however keen and fast in the hunting field. So I look forward these babies with lots of hope and curiosity.

Pitypang Öcskös Carlos
Pitypang Öcskös Carlos


Novice female for sale!

Pitypang Sitke (10 months old) female with sound construction, good size and angulations, small white at the chest.
She has very good hunting background and instict, the majority of the littermates have yet proven its aptitudes in hunting.


Some pics about the activity of our youngest 'handler':

Puppies of Berta and Amys Splneny sen were born on 21. December, 2004.
Pitypang Pocok at age 6-w:

Csitri was sired by Pusziszóró Simon, the litter was born on March, 22 nd .
Some of them at 8 weeks age:

Simon has FDB scoring that is very good ('M'), hunts intensively with his 9 year age, and he is absolutely healthy, well-balanced male with strong bones and very typish beautiful head. He is on the cover sheet of the booklet of VCH 'The Hungarian Vizsla'!
His mother's littermate, Kilátótéri Fürge Mokány is very famous all over England and Hungary, the grandmother, Kávai Pompás was the 'star' of the eighties. (pictures in the photoarchive)
Simon's father, Mátai Dudás was linebred to Mátai Csutka, who was the most successful bitch of the eighties also in hunting competitions and in the show ring.