The masters of the PITYPANG Hungarian Vizsla Kennel: Zsuzsa Füzesi-Szegvári, Tamás Füzesi, Daniel, Peter, Blanka (2004) and Kinga (2006) and ten vizslas living actually together with us, and finally the three earlier stray dogs – actually our house guards: Pamacs (Pumi-mix), Foltos (maybe GSD-Collie?) and the newbie Ovis (terriermix) - greet all of their kind visitors in their real and virtual home (page).

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How did it start?

For me, on 25th of May, 1965: this day I went to my first dog show, and right away as exhibitor! There were altogether about hundred dogs.

In that time as a small child I spent my spare (oops, not only the spare) time in the Körösparti kennel of terriers owned by Ms Kati Répássy and then my life ran about terriers for say 15 years.

The DOG shaped my career as well – animal breeding, university of agricultural sciences…

How the shorthaired Magyar Vizsla mania evolved from it? By marriage, in 1979!

Tamás started to hunt that time, and as hunter he needed a hunting dog – it’s highly reasonable!

Yeah, so it must be a Hungarian Vizsla puppy, but it should be a wiry and none but a female – so me. Who guess, Tamás came home with a young male shorthaired vizsla – Kávai Éber Koma, who subverted our life in gratitude! Tamás also jumped in the doggie world: shows, hunting – so dog training, hunting competitions, etc.

The first PITYPANG Vizsla litter was born in 1984 after long years of showing and hunting with vizsla and kennel visits. The mother had been from Dunakömlődi kennel, but this line didn’t live up to expectations so we later left it off. The other was Juhászföldi B. Marcsa from the Hubertus line (the old one, not the actual kennel from Australia!) Unfortunately we soon lost the line after two fatal accidents however Pitypang Szikra was very promising and absolutely free from HD.

In 1986 Helvécia Dóra, “Dórikám” (my deer Dori) was born in the kennel of Ms. Zsuzsa Balogh and she became the real foundation female of the Pitypangs and also my very first vizsla for hunting competitions trained by myself.

Her offsprings are around me up to now …

In 1987 was the firs vizsla competition organized by us, in Dunaharaszti. Thanks to József Bősz’s (Józsi bácsi for everybody…) forbearing help the competition finished with great success. Since that event we organized & took part on competitions each one year, also organized vizsla trainings, hunting dog schools…

Tamás was the president of the Vizsla Club of Hungary from 1989 to 2004. Since 1991 the VCH organized the CACIT Special Hungarian Vizsla Competition year by year, and in 1997 the series of Hortobágy Kupa Field-Water Competition had its onset, which is famous and very popular up to now.

Both of us have been practicing as hunting dog judge for more than ten years. Since 2008 Tamás is the president of the Performance judges’ Committee of HKC.

Meanwhile the Pitypang Kennel continues to live and produce healthy and good working beloved vizslas…


The goal of our breeding programme: * Longevity * Versatility* Beauty’*

We know the vizsla has been evolved into the dog that we love nowadays during long centuries and during these centuries the only aspect of selection was the hunting ability. So we can say: the hunting has made the vizsla that they are: a ‘VIZSLA’.

Our strong conviction is that nowadays the breeders have only one workable way in the vizsla breeding - and this way is the same that has worked for hundreds of years: to keep up the excellent psychical abilities and in the same time to make the vizsla more and more fit, beautiful and healthy.

Our aim is to breed vizslas that have excellent hunting abilities (good nose, style, drive, keen to retrieve, “dramatic” pointing ) that are nice (lean, noble, aristocratic) that are easy to train and are to have good temperament. We are proud of those PITYPANGS’, which have won not only on the shows but in the hunting competitions as well or which perform excellently in the hunting fields.

We have ascertained the hunting abilities of each of our breeding stock. Each Pitypang baby has ancestors of two or three generations scored for HD and having some kind of working test.

When choosing a female or male for breeding, to be “breeding quality” is a must. Breeding quality I mean she / he is healthy, has excellent temperament & conformation, no exception is made! So she / he must be well balanced, sound with typish vizsla-look and expression. Even the grandparents and the great-grandparents of our vizslas that actually take part in our breeding programme had been selected for these characteristics. However we prefer the hunting fields to the show-ring, all of our brood bitches are champions.

Füzesiné Szegvári Zsuzsa