Since the principles of judging are almost the same in every competition we would like to describe them for you.

Every task is scored between 0-4, and each task has a multiplier 1-6, which represents both the difficulties of the task and its importance from the point of view of breeding. The highest multiplier is used whenever we are judging genetically fixed important features from the hunting point view such as: pointing ability, style (bird finding ability), hunting. The scores given for each task, multiplied by the multiplier, gives the total for that task.

According to the total points scored during the competition, the dogs can be qualified. It is judged to have reached the highest (1 st ) class if it gains at least 90% of the total possible score, 2 nd class if at least 75%, 3rd class if at least 50%+1 point. If during any of the individual tasks the dog is judged to have scored 0 it cannot be qualified.

There is one more constituent important in this system. In each of the tasks there are minimum scores relevant to the level of qualification, this means that a minimum score has to be reached in order to gain that qualification. For example: in “pointing” the dog has to score at least 3 in order to qualify at first class, and to gain 2 nd or 3 rd class at least 2 is the minimum. The dog should not be given any award if he scores only 1 in this classification not matter how high its overall total points. Gaining no scores in this particular task means the dog should be withdrawn from the competition.

Although this method may seem contradictory to the non-expert, the main reason for using it is that dogs which are weak in important hereditary features should not be classed as preferred breeding stock.

The other reason for this judging system is to give a preference to steadily performing dogs – in real life hunting the Vizsla that can do all of the tasks ably is worth much more. Nowadays you cannot keep different dogs for each of the different tasks, hunting, retrieving and scouring, and it is the essence of the Hungarian Vizsla to perform all of these tasks marvelously.

MAXIMUM POINTS on the "All Round " HPR Hungarian Vizsla Competition:
380 + ( 16 complementary points)
1 st award: 342 -

2 nd award: 285 - 341

3 rd award: 191 - 284

(Points given for the complementary tasks do not count in the awards only in the order of the dogs. For the purpose of classification half points should be rounded up.)